Predictors and Performance Targets

This diagram illustrates two targets that employers need to consider when hiring talent. Generally employers provide a list of competencies in job descriptions and job postings. Rarely are these competencies precisely defined. This lack of precision in describing the job qualifications results in two deficiencies:

  1. The position may be over-specified and contain requirements that are not job related resulting in rejection of good candidates.
  2. The position may be under-specified and allow unqualified candidates to be hired.

Job descriptions and job postings need to include precisely defined job qualifications that have been validated as job-related via job analysis and validation studies. Validated competencies are the appropriate job qualifications that will ensure positions are not over-specified or under-specified.

Validated competencies are predictors that are measurably related to job performance, and so candidates that meet these precisely defined qualifications will perform well. Evidence-based job analysis is needed to align the predictor and job performance targets so that employers precisely and accurately define job requirements.