Talxcellenz is the registered trademark name for our Talent Excellence System – the set of tools and processes we use for Evidence-based selection and for the development of career pathways. The Talxcellenz website supplies tools for job analysts seeking to define, validate, and openly communicate competencies that can be measurably related to job performance. These tools and processes provide a foundation for a cooperative and openly shared competency-based talent supply chain system that aligns employers, individuals, providers, and publics across the US economy.

The Talxcellenz website (www.talxcellenz.com) provides support to job analysts and enables them to complete job analysis using a method that is better, faster and cheaper than traditional methods by leveraging the O*NET. The website supports the creation of:

  • Job Family Sets (for Regional Industry Sectors)
  • Job Families (within each sector)
  • Competency Families
  • Job Family Portraits (comprehensive illustrations of competencies)
  • Competency Ratings (importance and level)
  • Task Lists
  • Tools and Technology Lists


The website is designed to foster intra-regional and inter-regional collaboration. The following features are built into the website and our methods:

  • Users can view (but not edit) job family sets and job families of other users
  • Job analysis reports will be published publicly


Job Analysis Report: The job analysis report includes a series of documents that will need to be properly archived for purposes of sharing information with education and training providers and for employer compliance with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. The job analysis reports will include a final version of the following:

  • Task list (occupational competencies)
  • Tools and technology list
  • Competency linking examples
  • SME ratings of foundational competency (importance and levels)
  • List of SMEs that participated
  • O*NET codes related to the job family
  • CIP codes related to the job family
  • List of related occupational credentials
  • Job Family Portrait (detailed illustration of related O*NET data)
  • JOFI foundational competency data (summary of O*NET data)