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JOFI® Job Families (November 2020)

JOFI® Assessments (November 2020)

Talxcellenz® Job Analysis Process (April 2020)

Research Briefs

Overview: Talent Supply Chain Management (February 2019)

Job Analysis and Validation (September 2019)

Evidence-Based Career Pathways (February 2019)

Talxcellenz® Job Family Structure (March 2019)

Evidence-Based Selection Process (September 2019)

Case Studies

Brookings: An Evidence-based Selection Process for Equitable Hiring in West Michigan (July 2020) Available Here.

Mercy Health: Using Evidence to Drive Hiring and Advancement, National Fund for Workforce Solutions – CareerSTAT (July 2017) Available Here.

Hope Street Group’s health career pathways initiative: a case study of the West Michigan region, Rosalind Franklin Journal of Interprofessional Workforce Research and Development (February 2018). Available here.

Implementing Evidence-Based Career Pathways: A Case Study of the Saint Alphonsus Health System and the Treasure Valley Health Careers Council (February 2019) Available Here.

Guidebooks (Available from Amazon)

Stakeholder Guidebook: step-by-step guidance for creating local and regional initiatives around demand-driven evidence-based career pathways.

Talent Excellence System Guidebook: an introduction to Talxcellenz processes and tools for job analysis and validation studies to support robust competency-based career pathways.

Career Navigation System Guidebook: step-by-step guidance for practitioners that defines and specifies components of demand-driven competency-based career pathways.

Job Analysis and Job Family Charts

Job Analysis groups related jobs into job families, and then provides a rigorous definition of job-related tasks and competencies for those families. The Talxcellenz® process leverages O*NET data to provide an evidence-based framework for defining job-related competencies. As part of the process, subject matter experts (SMEs) confirm a general occupational task list, confirm a list of job-related tools and technology, and rate the importance of 22 distinct competencies foundational to their job family. For more information read our Research Brief on Job Analysis and Validation. Below is an example report.

Example Job Family – Front Line Supervisors

Metrics Reporting Early Work

Evidence-Based Selection Processes (EBSP) – December 2015

Tom Karel asked us to work with him and his team at Mercy Health beginning in February 2010. Prior to that, we had supported Tom in his role as chair of the Health Care Employers Council (HCEC), an employer-led workforce development initiative. Tom’s goal at the outset was to leverage science to dramatically improve talent selection and development processes. That led to the development of the evidence-based selection process (EBSP). Shana Welch is the regional director of talent acquisition at Mercy Health. We shared our work with the Minnesota Health Force team in December last year with a presentation that illustrates the process, tools, and key outcomes of EBSP. Following are links to that presentation; the guidebook, and an executive summary of the HCEC work.

Download: Talent Acquisition EBSP Retention and Diversity Improvement

Download: EBSP Guidebook

Download: HCEC Mission, Vision, and Strategies

Talent SCM 2025 Vision – October 2010

In October 2010, we published with Tom Karel a vision statement for a fully developed Talent Supply Chain Management (SCM) System that aligns the needs of employers, the desires of job-seeking individuals, and the goals of educators around a competency-based model. This vision continues to guide our work. We made a number of presentations at the time of publishing this paper. Following are links to the paper and a version of the presentation that was delivered to the Chairs of the State Workforce Boards at the National Governors Association in February 2011.

Download: Talent SCM 2025 Vision Paper

Download: Talent SCM 2025 Vision Presentation

Growth, Innovation, Metrics, and Wisdom – 2005-2007

Before turning our full attention to Talent SCM Systems we worked with organizations on growth, innovation, and metrics. That was preceded by our attempt to summarize the cumulative knowledge of business leadership and metrics with our publication of Pragmatic Wisdom. Following are Links to a few selected presentations.

Download: Innovation Experience

Download: Driving Profitable Growth

Download: Metrics Transformation

Download: Pragmatic Wisdom