Bill Guest, President and Chief Solutions Architect

Bill Guest is the president and chief solutions architect at Metrics Reporting, a Michigan-based workforce development and talent management consulting firm. He is an international consultant, conference speaker, and practitioner in the areas of workforce development, innovation, and metrics. His consulting practice is currently focusing on human capital supply-chain challenges at all levels.

Employers, industries, regions, states, and nations need to manage their talent supply-chains to assure competitiveness in the knowledge economy. Organizations need to implement the right processes, tools, and measurements to support their performance improvement objectives. Bill has developed a crisp, clear, no nonsense approach to organizational performance improvement. He developed and implemented these techniques, with excellent results, during his 25 years of industry experience with various organizations in the roles of engineer, supervisor, vice president sales, general manager, president, and CEO. Since 1999, he has been working with clients around the world to teach them these straightforward methods and provide step-by-step coaching as they use these techniques to achieve their goals.

Bill is an author and frequent speaker on Talent Supply Chain Management (TSCM) and evidence-based talent decisions. TSCM is a holistic set of solutions that enables employers to build reliable pipelines of high quality talent to meet their needs. Smart systems help individuals make better decisions based on good data. TSCM is a smart system that improves three key decisions:

  1. Organizations make better selection decisions by creating highly effective teamwork between human resources specialists and hiring managers around evidence of competencies,
  2. Organizations make better sourcing decisions by proactively providing key data to talent suppliers, and
  3. Individuals make better development decisions by understanding the competencies required to be successful and by using this knowledge to target their optimal next career step.

The talent supply chain system coordinates these key decisions and the flow of talent into and within the organization to optimize the alignment of talent resources to the organization’s goals.

Bill’s recent work with ONET data includes:

  1. Job families defined by ONET codes that leverage ONET data for job grouping,
  2. The ONET-based job analysis process,
  3. O-NET based competency families, and
  4. Leveraging ONET data as a foundation for alternative validation strategies.